Christmas Festival

christmas-festival-imageA new way to project the message of Christmas

After darkness fell on December 22nd there was a laser show on the front of the United Reformed Church in Paul Street, telling the Christmas story and wishing all the people of Taunton and beyond, good cheer. Jesus was born into times as turbulent as ours, belonged to a family forced to migrate, and was born in housing not fit for human beings.

This is a story of God coming to join with the poorest and most excluded, to welcome everyone. The light show told this story and we celebrate because, however hard life is, God is with us.

There was a steel band  – Steel the Show – playing Christmas songs, a unique and giant Advent calendar painted by a Taunton artist, and free Christmas nibbles, including Fair Trade chocolate and warm mince pies.

Taunton United Reformed Church did all this in partnership with our neighbours CICCIC and other Paul Street residents, to bring a festival atmosphere to Paul Street on the last late night of Christmas shopping.

Why did we do this for free? Because Christmas is a celebration of God giving.
Giving what? Giving the world Jesus, in whom we see most clearly what God is like.

Here is some video of the laser projection (no sound):


and Steel the Band (with sound):


Still photos can be found on the gallery page.